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How to Make a Banner Stand Easy

When promoting your business at a trade show or conference, you need to create a lasting impression with a unique banner stand. However, most banner stand providers offer generic products that look pretty much the same. Since run-of-the-mill stands are a no-go, we’ll help you craft your own banner stand.

Better still, you won’t have to get your hands dirty because we’ll show you how to make a banner stand the easy way.

How to Make a Banner Stand Easy

How to Make a Banner Stand Easy

Let’s start this guide on how to make a banner stand with the tools you’ll need for the job:

  • Miter saw
  • 10-foot 0.5-inch PVC pipe
  • 0.5-inch PVC Tee
  • 0.5-inch 5-way PVC connector
  • 0.5-inch PVC coupling
  • Two bits of elastic cord
  • Four 7/8’’ rubber leg tips

Once you’ve got all the equipment together, it’s time to craft your banner stand.

Step 1 – Cut the 10-foot Pipe

You should cut your 10-foot PVC pipe to get four eight-inch pieces and two 36-inch pieces. At this point, it’s a good idea to make a small incision into your PVC tee that will enable you to insert the banner through the tee.

Step 2 – Connect the First Part of the Base

First, place one of the two bits of your elastic cord through an eight-inch leg. Make sure the line is longer than the leg bit.

Second, place a rubber leg tip at the end and position the elastic cable between the pipe and the tip, allowing the cable end to protrude slightly from the tip.

Exhibition stand mock-up arrangement

Do the same for another eight-inch piece to complete the first part of the base.

Step 3 – Link the Legs with Your 5-Way Tee

With the first pair of legs complete, pull the elastic cord through your 5-way tee connector to the other end of your PVC pipe. Do this one more time with another connector that’s perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the original. Done correctly, this should create a criss-cross pattern.

Step 4 – Attach the Remaining Two Legs

Grab one of the two elastic bits protruding from the 5-way connector through a third eight-inch PVC pipe. Again, the cord should be longer than the pipe. Put a rubber tip at the end and pull the protruding section to stretch it out. It should be tight, but not tight to the point where it can no longer be stretched.

Remove the elastic cable that’s protruding after pushing the tip inside the pipe. Repeat this process for the final leg.

Step 5 – Assemble the Stand

The last step is to assemble your banner stand.

To do so, put one of your 36-inch pipes into the upper part of your 5-way connector, followed by a coupling. This will be the bottom portion of your stand. Place the connector on the second 36-inch pipe to complete the upper part of your banner stand.

To finalize the assembly, put the end of the upper half without the connector into the coupling connected to the lower half.

Step 6 – Add the Banner

All that remains now is to attach your banner and make your visitors’ jaws drop with clever artwork. This shouldn’t be too difficult because most banners come with ready-made attachment points.

So, the “How” isn’t the problem. The problem is the “What.” More specifically, what banner should you use for your banner stand?

Look no further than the Custom Banners Now collection. Head to the website, and you’ll be able to design the most amazing banner that reflects your brand. Here’s how the process works:

Business roll up display standee for presentation purpose
  1. On the Custom Banners Now website, select the type of banner you wish to use in the “Custom Banners & Displays” section. You can choose from vinyl, adjustable stand, pole, hanging clamp bar, and many other kinds of banners.
  2. Select the size and side finish.
  3. Decide whether the banner will have one or two printed sides.
  4. Customize your banner by uploading artwork or designing graphics from scratch.
  5. Provide any additional instructions (e.g., the color of the letters, preferred fabric, etc.) and pick your delivery date.

That’s all there is to it. Within a few days, you’ll receive your tailor-made banner and have all you need to dazzle potential customers with a stunning banner stand.

Why Choose Custom Banners Now?

You might be wondering, “Custom Banners Now can’t be the only banner provider out there. Why should I choose them over someone else?”

There are many reasons Custom Banners Now is your ideal partner:

  • Any kind of banner for your show – Custom Banners Now has a vast collection of banners for all occasions. Whether you need vinyl mesh banners, pole banners, or podium banners, Custom Banners Now won’t let you down.
  • No generic designs – Here at Custom Banners Now, we leave the entire design stage to you. This means you’ll never end up with a generic banner that looks like someone else’s. Simply craft your design from scratch or upload artwork with your company logo to get a unique banner.
  • Reliable customer support – Should you hit a brick wall when designing your banner or need an update on your shipment, reach out to Custom Banners Now customer support. The team is available 24/7.


How do I make a banner stand?

To make a banner stand, you’ll need PVC poles, an elastic cord, a 5-way connector, miter saw, and some other selected tools.

How big should my banner stand be?

Most banner stands are 6.5-6.6-feet high.

Where do I buy good banners for my banners stand?

Custom Banners Now offers the finest banners for all types of banner stands.

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